Our users say:

I've lived in Bim for 20 years and have never seen anything this accurate!

Sarah A.


Was going to book in the Gap for a week - used your online tool and it told me I should wait. It was right! Dead-on accurate.

Brett W.


Told me to stay off the links for a day when the local forecasts predicted sun. Sure enough, it rained all day. Uncannily correct!

John K.


I can choose a beach and be certain whether I'm going to have sun or not. Invaluable!

Mark C.


An important tool for planning outdoor meetings and events.

Freundel S.


I can be travlin' anywhere in de world and check de weather pun de Rock to see if I need an umbrella -ella -ella.

Robin F.

Predict the Weather!

Parish mapWelcome to our web-based interface to the Barbados Weather Encabulator (WENCAB). Using the controls below you can specify any date in the future and determine what the weather will be like.



Use the fields below to select a location, day, and time for which you wish to see a weather forecast. (If you're not sure in which parish your beach, hotel, or villa is located, refer to the map at right.) Then, click the Predict It! button. Note: you must enter both a date and time to receive an accurate forecast.


WENCAB will use your selections to deliver a customized Barbados weather forecast, unlike any available elsewhere, and with a 98.6% degree of accuracy. Keep in mind that forecasts can change by the minute, so be sure to check back often as you are planning your trip. We also recommend using your laptop or smartphone to check in frequently while you are in Barbados to get the latest information.


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